Saturday 29 December 2012

Introducing... THE PEEP!

Hey all!  It's me...  Nissy.  You know...  Nissy from the world-famous, award-winning blog, Nerissa's Life.  Heard of me, have you?  Of course you have!  Hey there!

Okay...  you all know how I've got a couple of peeps, right?  There's peep #1 and then there's peep #2.  Peep #1 fancies herself to be a bit of a writer.  I sometimes have to kind of keep her in check 'cause - as you all know - I'm the writer in this family.  But every now and then, I like to appease her just a little bit.  Just a teeny-tiny little bit.  I'm sure you all know what I mean.

The peep has had a few stories published.  Short stories.  Very short stories.  And she's workin' on a couple of books...  four in all.  Not a single one has been properly finished though.  MOUSES!  What can you do with a peep, huh?  Not much, I should think.  Not much at all.  Oh, and then she has had a dozen or so recipes published too.  But they're all vegetarian.  Not much of interest to a cat like me.  And I think there was a gardening article in there too.  If I didn't know better, I'd say she had a problem with sticking with one thing.  Mysteries...  cooking...  gardening...  Quite the mixture, if I do say so myself.

But...  I've been in a particularly good mood as of late.  Santa was super-duper good to us cats this year so I figure I can spread some of the good cheer around.  So I thought to myself...  what can I do for the peep?  The answer seemed simple enough.  I could help her start up her very own blog with her very own stories written in her very own words.  So that brings us to this thing here that we're calling The Peep's Cheeps.  It's my peep #1's blog.  Neat, huh?

Now, I have to warn you.  She's not gonna be bloggin' a lot.  I keep her pretty busy with my blog and all.  And a lot of the stuff will just be stuff that was published before in magazines and whatnot.  Her stuff though.  All hers.  So...  sit back, put your paws up and enjoy! 



  1. I didn't know the Peep had short stories published. I would love to review them on my book blog.

    1. I would love that but I don't have a book of short stories... just a few that published in magazines.

  2. I think you are being very nice to your Peep. I'm she appreciates the plug you gave her--sweet kitty you are!



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