Monday, 16 October 2017

Running Away.

(Another assignment for the writers' group, with the topic being, Running Away.  Please excuse the language but there are times when a swear or two are necessary.)

“You’re hurting me."

His grip on her arm tightened.

“Let me go.”

Her skin turned white where his fingertips dug into the flesh.

“Please?  Just let me go.”

He pushed the sixteen-year-old girl away from him, and she fell backwards onto the floor.  With anger, he spat the words, “Don’t you EVER disrespect your father again, you little slut.”


“You’re hurting me.”

The edges of his mouth turned upward, forming a frightening, leering sneer.

“Let me go.”

“I want what I paid for.”

“Please?  Just let me go.”

Pushing the seventeen-year-old girl up against the brick wall, the middle-aged john looked up and down the dark alley, making sure no one was watching.  “I SAID, I want what I paid for, you little BITCH.”


“You’re hurting me.”

“Do you have anything sharp in your pockets?”

“Let me go.”

“Have you taken anything?  Are you on any drugs?”

“Please?  Just let me go.”

Placing his hand on top of the eighteen-year-old girl’s head, the officer pushed her into the back seat of his patrol car.  “Miss?  You’re under arrest.”

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  1. What a very clever piece of writing, four, or maybe six stories in one. I can well understand each aspect, and how reality is like this for so many young girls.


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